PersonalConnect is where you develop personal messages that you want to leave for your child or children, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, other family members, friends, neighbors, or anyone you choose that is personal to you. This enables you to be one-on-one with someone after you have passed on and gives them a video, document, photo, or audio message that is theirs for as long as there is time.



Your messages are also searchable so that you and your beneficiaries can look for certain key words or phrases which enable those to look for specific events or times of your life (such as "time you met Dad" or "when in the Navy” or "what was your Grandmother like").

Personal Estate

Personal Estate is our product that can pull together all the disparate personal information that you will need to pass on to your immediate heirs. While this is not a will, in digital form it allows you to capture all of the different types of information about your assets, in different formats that you have to pass on. We have categories for Real Estate, Financial (Banking/Investments), Auto, Collections (coins/art, etc.), Insurance, and Liabilities. With this information in one place you can specify what to do with each asset and where it is physically located.


About Us

Our mission is to help you carry on your knowledge, memories & guidance forever. At the same time provide a total Net worth statement & place to store all your Financial Information.

Our app is designed for informational and storage purposes only with information the mobile app users provide. We are not intended to give advice on financial, estate planning or otherwise. Keeping your knowledge and experiences and all information alive for generations to follow is important to us. We provide Still-There and our Proprietary PersonalConnect Feature for people worldwide to keep their memories, knowledge, consulting, history and more alive forever.

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